Cool facts about Rottweiler dogs


Rottweilers have a bad reputation among owners who raise other breeds. But those who actually came in contact with the breed know just how sweet and kind they can be if the owner takes the proper time to train them well. They can be just as playful and non-violent as all dog types because good behavior is not innate, it is learned.

The Rottweiler has been part of our history ever since the Roman Empire. They have been used by the Roman settlers as they begun to take over Germany. They were trained to manage cattle and to pull heavy carts for their owners. The breed descends from the Roman Mastiff, and they were highly treasured by the people who lived in this ancient Empire.



The breed rose to fame after the World War II, a time where they were bred for their obedience but also for their ferocity. In the nineties, they reached the highest point of their fame, and over 100.000 dogs were registered in the annals of the American Kennel Club.

But this popularity came at a price of its own. People have started to breed them irresponsibly, and also to inbreed the specimens, a thing which led to behavior issues and critical health problems. This was the moment when they have transformed from an obedient dog breed to one that is destructive and temperamental.

They have a big body type and can weigh around 110 pounds. Their lifespan can range from 10 to 15 years, depending on the breeder you get the dog from. Black is the color they are renowned for, along with the brown markings. To that cool aspect add the big black eyes, and you have a dog breed that can win the heart of anyone if you give it a chance.

Due to the fact that it is such an ancient breed, there are some issues the dogs are prone to. Hip and elbow dysplasia are the recurrent ones, as most vets agree. Aortic stenosis is also something that raises concerns among owners, and unfortunately, it can be fatal if you don’t diagnose it very fast.

Even if it seems unlikely, Rottweilers are historically known for being suited for children. Parents used to leave their children with the dog in ancient times, to guard them against wild animals or evil people. They are particularly aggressive towards strange dogs and violent men, meaning they are ideal guard dogs, or even suited if you have a sheep farm.

Love them or not, Rottweilers are here to stay. And the underrated pets have plenty of tricks up their sleeves to impress you and to win your heart with. While they can be violent, that reputation is often outdated or uncharacteristic.