Cool facts about Newfoundland dogs

Owning a dog is a great responsibility but also delivers great joy and happiness. Dogs are tender, kind, loving and, above all, loyal. They love spending time with their owner and best friend, so don’t cut the love potion for your pet.

And, no matter the breed you choose, a dog will always bring happiness and plenty of funny stories to tell to your friends and family. However, some dog breeds are more popular than the others, as dogs serve different purposes. Some are perfect for families with children, while others serve for hunting or protection.

Newfoundland dogs are less popular amongst people’s desires, so I decided to advocate for these amazing beings and let you know everything about them in the hope you are willing to adopt one.

Named after their place of origin

Most canine breeds received their names after their place of origin, and the Newfoundland dogs are no exception. These were named after the hails of Newfoundland, a Canadian island also known by the name of Terranova. It is believed that the first natives who lived there settled more than 4000 years ago, while the dog breed is said to be older than a few thousand years.

However, the most interesting thing about the easternmost point of North America is that the entire name of the province is Newfoundland and Labrador. And yes, this is also the native home of the world’s most popular dog breed, the Labrador.


They have amazing personalities

The Newfoundland dogs or Newfies are renowned for their kind and gentle behaviors. They are full of love and tenderness, becoming one of the most popular dog breeds amongst families with children. They often go by the name of “nanny dogs” or the “sweet giants” precisely for their unconditional love and kindness they spread all around them.

These dogs are the perfect companions for children, especially the ones with disabilities or behavioral conditions, often being trained as professional service dogs that assist autistics or blind people.


They are excellent water dogs

Another great characteristic of this big dog breed is that they are excellent swimmers. They can perfectly serve as watchdogs or assist people who are passionate about fishing and boating in their adventures.

Their broad chests, increased lung capacity, and double coat are the perfect characteristics for long-distance swimmers, meaning they can easily accompany you in your summer trips or even teach your children to love water and learn how to swim.


They can easily become overweight

Due to their massive structure, male Newfoundland dogs can easily get to 60-70 pounds and require a large number of calories per day. However, since they need to support their massive parts, these dogs can easily become overweight, so they will need constant training and challenges. Just like Labradors, these dogs require daily exercises and a balanced diet.