5 great black dog breeds


Dogs have crossed the line between pets and family members a long time ago. They have become indispensable parts of our daily life, and we can’t even begin to imagine just how empty our lives would be without them. And the best way to get a dog is by rescuing one from a shelter.

And black dogs are in a desperate need of salvation from a cruel life on the streets, or in shelters. They seem to have acquired a bad reputation, for no actual reasons. Black dogs are not bad luck. They are kind souls capable of a lot of love, if given a chance.

One of the best breeds of darkly furred pets to own is the ever so popular Rottweiler. They might seem violent and scary at a glance, but the truth is that if you properly train them, they will show you their true face – they will reveal that they are loyal and lovely, and that they are in fact giant lap dogs.

If you have enough room for this next giant gentle, then a Newfound can become the best choice for someone who wants a guard dog that adores belly rubs. It is great for children, and it will protect your house or your yard against all intruders. And they also make ideal lifeguards, as they can even save people from drowning.

This next breed is a dream come true for those who are allergic to dogs. The Portuguese Water Dog is a special gem because its fur is hypoallergenic and non-shedding, meaning that even allergic dog lovers can now own a pet that will provide them with all the unconditional love they need.

The Scottish Terrier is a breed that you can’t help but fall in love with. They are funny and full of energy, and their bark will make you smile instantly. While they are full of life and soft to the touch, these little creatures can be fierce protectors as they have been bred to hunt all types of animals.

And if you want a black dog that looks majestic, and that will impress every passerby, you can’t go wrong with Cane Corso. They look big and mean, but the truth is that they are soft on the inside and they are often lazy. Train them with dedication, and you will have a pet that will be part of your life’s greatest moments.

Black dogs have an unfair reputation. And maybe it’s time we change this, by showing people that they have been misjudged and that they are capable of love and kindness. All dogs are unique and come in all shapes and sizes, and they are active and playful, perfect for those who enjoy a dynamic lifestyle. And black dogs have a special place in our hearts because they are, well, the underdogs.